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Colette Shiel

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My name is Colette Shiel. I am a qualified Social Care Practitioner, working with an array of people and settings in the community for the past 7 years.  I am currently providing support to families and children, in the Public Sector. I have previously worked in the Private Sector supporting people with Intellectual Disabilities,(ASD),(ADHD) Bio-Polar and other various Mental Health Challenges.   I can see from both a professional and personal point of view that we all have vulnerabilities and when we recognise and embrace them it’s only then true healing can occur.

Personal Journey:

My healing journey began in 2019, this was  due to a physical illness when I started to become ill frequently . While medication was helping at times, I did begin to question why I was getting ill so often  and what was the root  cause to my physical illness. I soon discovered alternative therapies, Bio -Energy Healing Treatment  changed my whole outlook on healing and I began to see how my emotional health had impacted on my physical health.

Having begun my emotional healing, my physical illness improved greatly. I decided to study Advanced Bio- Energy Healing Therapy myself. I was amazed by the findings. I began to see how a large focus is placed on our physical health, how our emotional and mental wellbeing need attention, and then I began to search deeper and discover how, for a lot of us, our soul essence is lost also. This is our inner being; it’s who we truly are which determines the quality of our life. This led me onto studying further in Shamanic Healing Therapy in 2021. I feel Bio Energy Healing alongside Shamanic Healing is a powerful combination for a truly holistic approach.

Through my years spent working in the Community with people, I carry a non-judgmental approach with my clients  and I would like to emphasis the respect, confidentiality,  compassion and understanding to each client and their individual needs. I wish you well on your healing journey.

Colette x

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind”

-Caroline Myss


  • Bio Energy Healing- is a non-invasive treatment it helps to support your physical, mental emotional and spiritual well-being. Energy Therapy works with your energy field on your seven chakras (spinning vortex of energy) to support your natural ability to help heal and facilitate a deep sense of calm and relaxation in the mind body and spirit.


  • Shamanic healing /Spiritual Healing -focuses on a deeper level connected to our soul essence. Our ancestors are our physical bloodline, we carry their memories, traumas their hurts their sickness and we also carry their gifts their strengths and their blessings. Shamanism is about helping clear the ancestral lines of negatives energies, sickness or patterns to allow you to move forward in life.  Shamanism   focuses on a person who may not  feel or know  themselves this can be related to a soul/power energy loss.  Shamanism works as part of a multidisciplinary approach used for any disease or imbalance within the body and is fully compatible with both conventional medicine and other integrative treatments.