Jennie Quinn

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Phone: 0872868483



Jennie is a qualified Psychotherapist providing counselling and psychotherapy services based on an integrative holistic approach.

Jennie offers confidential, safe, non judgemental, caring environment in which to explore any issues in relation to emotional and mental health.

Jennie is passionate about helping people overcome many of the challenges and struggles that they may face as they journey through life.

A specific area that Jennie has trained in and brings to her client work is the integration of nature and psychotherapy through the lens of green care and eco therapy.

She believes in the unlimited potential that exists in all of us for change and growth in the face of adversity incorporating all aspects of a person’s being – body, min, spirit, and soul.


I work with the following issues:

  • Emotional & Mental Health 
  • Psychotherapy through the lens of green care and eco therapy