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Over 30 years ago Linda Heffernan opened her acupuncture clinic in Galway City, becoming one of the first people to bring this ancient form of Chinese medicine to the West of Ireland. 
At the time, most people didn’t know much about it, and there was a lot of scepticism. But acupuncture has proven successful for treating a variety of problems and Linda is one of the country’s best-known practitioners.
She was also a teacher, who has trained hundreds of people in acupuncture.
When Linda began her practice there was very little know about the benefits of acupuncture. She went to the UK and attended the Royal College of Traditional Acupuncture in Leamington Spa for three and a half years. Then she went onto further study in London, to qualify in Chinese Herbalism. Eventually, she returned to Ireland and began practising.
Linda was one of the people who helped to create an awareness of this healing practice that treats a person on many levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
“It’s about balancing energy and knowing what needs to be treated,” she says.
Her reputation spread mainly by word of mouth and continues to do so, making her one of the busiest acupuncturists in the West of Ireland.


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