Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor & Retreat Facilitator

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Malvina Barrett Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor and Retreat Facilitator

Times and Dates of Classes  
  • Wednesday and Thursday 8.15pm
  • Friday Morning 9.45am
  •  Class Rates 6 weeks €70 T&C’s apply*
  • Drop in Class €15

What to Bring

  • Exercise Mat and Water

Level of Fitness

  • Classes Require a Moderate Level of Fitness and Strength
*Fairness Policy – (T&C’s)
If you do not use the classes, you cannot transfer it onto the next set of classes.
Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.  
When you book and pay for 6 weeks and for some reason you miss your booked class you are welcome to pop along to another class in that same term. (it must be in the same 6 week period that you prepaid for) As a courtesy we just ask that you text ahead to let Malvina know.
*NB. You must be within membership to make up missed classes 


Wednesday 8.15pm Piloga
Friday 9.45am Piloga 
  • Piloga is a combination of Pilates & Yoga. This class offers strength building, breathing techniques, stretching, balance building, meditation & closes with relaxation. Choose this class to focus on a mind-body practice.

Thursday 8.15pm Pilates 

  • Pilates is a body conditioning system, it offers core focused, strength building to support the spine & posture together with increasing bone density in a safe manner.
    Pilates is often recommended for its rehab benefits. Choose this class if injury prevention, injury rehab or general physical conditioning is your focus.


Malvina hosts regular Yoga Retreats for those of us that do with pressing the pause button on life. Slowing down if only for one day, comming home to our true self and stepping out of the many roles we may have.
Nourishing our body, mind and Soul.
Some of the practices you can expect at one of Malvina’s retreats are medication, breath work, gentle yoga asana, a talk on understanding the psyche, walking in nature, journalling, learning grounding techniques and some story telling!
Malvina’s retreats are bursting at the seams with compassion, kindness and connection.
One to One Yoga/Pilates
Malvina’s 1:1 appointments offer a therapeutic approach, a mix between the traditional yogic practices and western psycho education, like a mini version of her retreats but bespoke to the individual client and what they are arriving with physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Areas covered in private sessions:
* Physical rehab
* Pregnancy
* Post-Natal Recovery
* Osteopenia/Osteoporosis
Private Practice Rates
1 hour €40
Malvina 0834040137