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About Malvina

Malvina Barrett Pilates Instructor &Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist
Classes require a moderate level of fitness & strength. Bring an exercise mat & water. 
Wednesday and Thursday 8.15pm
Class Rates
  • 6 weeks €70
(If you do not use the classes, you cannot transfer it onto the next set of classes. Membership is non-transferable & non-refundable.)
  • Drop in €15


Wednesday 8.15pm Piloga
  • Piloga is a combination of Pilates & Yoga. This class offers strength building, breathing techniques, stretching, balance building, meditation & closes with relaxation. Choose this class to focus on a mind-body practice.

Thursday 8.15pm Pilates 

  • Pilates is a body conditioning system, it offers core focused, strength building to support the spine & posture together with increasing bone density in a safe manner.
    Pilates is often recommended for its rehab benefits. Choose this class if injury prevention, injury rehab or general physical conditioning is your focus.



Malvina sees clients one-to-one for tailored therapy sessions, during these sessions you will learn tools & techniques to empower your ability to self-heal. Specialising in anxiety, Malvina doesn’t get into the clients story but rather focuses on teaching an individualised daily plan to support mental health. Choose a private session if you wish to develop a self-care practice that enables you to live your best life.
Areas covered in private sessions:
* Anxiety
(It is important to note these sessions provide for practical self-care practices & in no way replace psychotherapy.)
* Physical rehab
* Pregnancy
* Post-Natal Recovery
* Osteopenia/Osteoporosis
Private Practice Rates
1 hour €40
Malvina 0834040137