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Norah Mahony

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Norah Mahony
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Soul-led Success Coaching | Hypnotherapy | 

About One Life Holistics

Hi! My name is Norah. 

I am a worldwide Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Life Coach specialising in supporting my clients to change their addictive habits.
My love of hypnosis came when I gave up smoking with a hypnotherapist. I had smoked for 20 years and quit so many times, only to start again. Then one day, I walked into a hypnotherapist’s office as a last resort and a couple of hours later I walked out as a non-smoker!
I was fascinated. 
How and why did that happen so easily and quickly after all those years of failed attempts?
I began to look into it further and was so impressed with what I learned that I knew that I had also found my passion for helping others and needed to train as a hypnotherapist myself. So I did.
Later, I became certified in Life Coaching as well and it allowed me to build bespoke personalised programs to support my clients through alcohol and food addiction (after having given up alcohol myself for years). 
I love watching my clients transform as they work with me 1:1. 
Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? 
Are you ready to heal your unhealthy food and weight issues? Or ready to take a break from alcohol but keep going back to the bottle? 
Ready to kick the vape or cigarettes to the curb?
Let me guide you through the process so you can make changes you can be proud of in a very short space of time. 


Stop smoking/vaping session (with pre session, and 2 hypnosis recordings) €250
Alcohol/Food management program 8 weeks €75 x 8 weekly payments


I took an Alcohol Free Mastery course with Norah for a couple of months at the beginning of my Alcohol Free Journey. Norah understood what I was going through and tailored the hypnotherapy sessions accordingly. Norah is patient and insightful and can quickly get to the bottom of a problem and find the right method to fix it. Thank you Norah for getting me through those first important months. Angela Griffiths
Norah's work is so important for so many people who think that the only alternative is AA.  I have never been and don't think I ever would.  I think it helps many people but it really isn't for me and I am sure there are lots of other people who feel the same. The hypnosis recordings really helped me and the constant advice and support has kept me on the right road. Thank you.
Vanessa Hill

I would like to say thank you Norah.  I used to be eating sweets non-stop for years. Wherever I go I always used to carry a bag of sweets with me. I kept a few packets of sweets in my car. It was a crazy addiction. Only one session with Norah and I forgot about those cravings. It's like magic. I just don't want them anymore. Now I can look at those sweets like they are pebbles on the road. I’ve gone back to my normal weight. Now I’ve lost a stone since I stopped eating sweets. It's just amazing!
Thank you so much, Norah for doing that for me. I recommend hypnosis as this is a good technique to deal with your bad habit whatever it is, and I'm so happy to say: Yes hypnosis worked well for me.
Marina Geydreikh