Systematic Kinesiology

Systematic Kinesiology

Helena Enright

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Helena Enright is a natural healthcare practitioner specialising in Systematic Kinesiology. Helena has over twenty years experience in performance, education and the applied arts and is passionate about helping people to find creative and embodied ways to help them improve their well-being and bring their mind, body and spirit into balance.
As a Systematic Kinesiologist, I look at health from a whole person perspective and offer a safe, private and personal space that is attuned to your unique individual needs. Using muscle testing, the body’s bio-feedback tool, I work with your body to identify areas of imbalance and stress. These imbalances can occur in the nutritional, structural, emotional and energetic realms and corrections involve a combination of various techniques in these areas.  By looking for the root cause of the imbalance rather than just treating the symptoms or illness my aim is to help you bring your body back into balance in order to improve your mental health and wellbeing.
Kinesiology can help improve gut health, digestion issues, low mood, anxiety, energy levels, backache, joint pain and overall health and wellbeing.


Systematic Kinesiology

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