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Fiona Cannon

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Hi My name is Fiona. I am a qualified registered Homeopath, Dietary Coach and I am currently studying Iridology.

I love Homeopathy and I have been using it for over 16 years. My journey began with natural therapies when my girls were babies.  They have grown with the support of natural medicine throughout their lives – my eldest two children are now in college.

I am still amazed every day at how gentle Homeopathy works and how it can help people in such a profound way. I love helping women get their bodies back into balance so they can really enjoy life.  I also find it so rewarding when you can give just one remedy to a child and help both mum and child get a full nights’ sleep, or when the mother’s report, “he has become more verbal” or “she has really settled down so much.”

I feel privileged giving mothers or fathers back the power to help the whole family through a workshop on how to use the 42 remedy kit.  When you get a message looking for advice on a remedy to help with various ailments and illnesses it is so handy when they have their kit to hand. 

So, if you are looking to improve your health or have an ailment that you cannot seem to shift – give me a call…

Don’t put it off today – better health is not far away.


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Fiona is just amazing at what she does and her homeopathy kit has made such a difference in our house! No antibiotics thank God since getting it has been needed and my daughter was forever getting chest infections and coughs! Docs were always giving her steroids as well which were just wiping her out after each round! Anyone thinking about booking an appointment don’t hesitate. I can promise you will be glad you did!
Tracy Hunt