Have your oils arrived yet?

Course Introduction

Have your oils arrived yet? Hopefully they have and if not, they should be on their merry way to you.

To get a little sneak peek at what oils we’ll be working with during this course and because I know how hard it is to WAIT when you have such exciting things in your possession, let me start you off with a few ideas that you can try out if you like 😉

Diffuser Blends

Easiest way to get the oils working for you is with the diffuser. It’s simple to get going – just fill it up to the red indicator with water (tapwater is fine) and add a few drops of oils. Pop the lid back on and press play! The number of drops you want to use depends on the size of the room and the strength of the aroma you desire. For a normal sized room I’d use between 4-7 drops of oil.

Have a try of some of these diffuser blends!

Enjoy using your oils and check out the resources and tips for some useful links to resources and accessories!

Resources and tips

Course Introduction

How did you get on with the diffuser recipes? Do you have a favourite yet? If you didn’t manage to put on the diffuser yet, don’t worry, it’ll all be part of your homework during the course! 

Today I wanted to set you up with some of the resources I use and have used throughout my own doTERRA journey. As you may know, I didn’t know anything about essential oils when I started with doTERRA and these resources have really been excellent support along the way!


Advanced Oil Magic – this is my #1 go to for checking info on oils, ailments and to get ideas for protocols. Absolutely fabulous resource and on the top of my recommendation’s list!

Emotions & Essential Oils – this is my #1 go to when I’m looking for emotional support with the oils. You get a detailed overview of each oil/oil blend and how they work on an emotional level, as well as an A-Z of emotions/emotional states and recommended oils to use for each.  

Both of these books and soooo much more in terms of exciting accessories (think oil bags, roller bottles, spray bottles, books on oils for pets, children, green cleaning…) you can find on this website: Essential Oils Supplies


EOE app – (Essential oils of the Earth). One time investment of around €8-10. Great basic app that allows you to look up ailments and get different remedies, recipes and protocols for whatever you’re wanting to deal with.

The Essential Life app – Yearly subscription of about €5. This is one of my favourite apps as it gets updated regularly and has great info on both the oils and supplements + a great section for ailments with protocols and recipes from members of the oil community.

doTERRA Daily Drop app – Free app from doTERRA that gives you access to daily videos and challenges. Very educational and it also has a good mood assessment section you can play with.

I hope you find something that works for you among these tips and remember – it’s never too late to learn something new 🙂 

With love,

Maureen xx